Building a Hand-washing Station

Getting Started

There are couple of options to get a hand washing station on your jobsite. You can rent one from a sanitation company, you can purchase one that’s ready to go, or you can build one. We are going to walk you through how to build one. Most of the wood can be used from scrap wood you have laying around.

  • Water Container – you will want a container that holds 5 gallons of water and has an open/close valve on it. They are available at most big-box home improvement stores

  • Soap – the liquid kind, find a container that has a pump to make it easier

  • Trash Can – best to get one with a lid so that the trash doesn’t fly our when it is windy

  • Bucket – this is for catching the water, so grab one that is at least 5 gallons

  • Paper Towel Holder – you can grab anything that will keep them contained and clean (a dishpan will work well in the holder you are going to build below)

  • Wood – 2×6’s, 2×4’s and plywood for the top

  • Screws – 2.5” screws (about 60)

  • Bungee cord

  1. Make the sides – We are making a 36” tall station, if you want a different height, adjust the wood accordingly.

    1. 4 – 36” 2×4’s

    2. 4 – 18” 2×6’s

  2. Square off the ends and make them the size you want

  3. Screw the side pieces (the 2×6’s) in place

  4. Measure your dishpan to cut the pieces for the dishpan “drawer”

  5. Screw the bottom widthwise crosspieces onto the other crosspieces. You could also turn them the other direction and screw them into the side pieces. With the crosspieces turned flat, they make a bigger flat area in case you want to put something on those pieces.

  6. Screw the top widthwise crosspieces in place. Notice that these are turned up and down (vs flat like the bottom pieces) and screwed through the side supports. They are low enough so that the dishpan drawer fits in the remaining space.

  7. Cut a scrap of plywood to fit the top and screw it into place

Now that you have your table together, it is time to put your washing station together.

  • Use the bungee cord to hold the 5-gallon water container on the top

  • Install your dishpan into your “drawer” space

  • Put your soap next to your water

  • Put your bucket under your spigot to catch the water